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Trouserwatch: The Circle Jerk

In our last post, we announced Trouserwatch - a surveillance mission on executive remuneration. Here we explain how fat cats' pay has soared.

The Big Deal is one year old!

Don't worry - we're not expecting belated energy themed cards. Instead we're celebrating by continuing to save you money. And helping ourselves to cake of course!

Big Five Comparison Sites - Then & Now

In October 2014, The Big Deal exposed the systematic hiding of deals by the Big Five price comparison websites. Today we look at what's changed since then.

The Big Deal is recruiting!

Are you interested in fighting for consumers? Taking on vested interests and putting £££s back in people's pockets? If so then you may be the person we're looking for to join The Big Deal.

Why 'Loyal' Customers Get The Worst Deals On Energy

Is that you?

You might consider yourself loyal. Your supplier might think you're lazy.

Either way we reckon you're getting ripped off.

Be prepared to get very angry with your energy supplier.

And then to get even.


The 6 Kinds Of People Who Get Ripped Off Badly

We all feel like we're getting a raw deal on our energy.

But at least you're not getting as bad a deal as these guys.

Unless you ARE these guys.

In which case you need to sort out your situation pretty urgently.

Is this you or anyone you know?